Did you know?

“On Average, Organizations Only Generate 60% of their Strategy’s Potential Value”                                                                                                                       By Michael Mankins  & Richard Steele, Harvard Business Reviews

What is Hexagon Model?

It is the best way to improve strategy execution and to ensure its value, by means of the world-class capability of programs and projects management.

Six Flexible, Synergetic and Adaptive Components


Hexagon Model is implemented in evolutionary and incremental cycles. Every cycle increases the potential of the capability and its contribution to the strategy execution.

 At the end of each cycle, the organization will have a stronger capability in programs and projects management, improving, at the same time, the performance that the strategy execution provides to the organization's value.

Incremental and Evolving Cicles

Cycle 0 - Assessment: Evaluation of the organizational strategy, state of the art of each 6 components and creation of the development plan of the following cycles.

Cycle 1 - Foundational Initiatives: Design and implementation of initiatives in every 6 that components that constitute the foundation of a good performance of the capability and future cycles.

Following Cycles: It is developed as a group of programs for improvement, and it involves: execution of previously installed elements of the capability, new programs and projects which expand and deepen the capability, and continuous revision of the organizational strategy.

When do cycles finish? Never, because we live in changing and complex times, where the strategy requires that capability to be adaptable to the new strategic challenges.